Software Engineer
Experience in Full Stack Development and Embedded Systems
Northeastern University ~ Computer Engineer and Computer Science Dual Major ~ May 2018


Work Experience
Xperiel Co-Op July-December 2017
Software Engineer Sunnyvale, CA

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Co-Op July-December 2016
Web Application Developer Lexington, MA

Embedded Design Enabling Robotics (NEU) Co-Op July-December 2016
Teacher Assistant Boston, MA

Savant Systems Co-Op June-December 2015
Embedded Systems Software Engineer Hyannis, MA

Northeastern University May 2018
B.S. in Computer Engineering and Computer Science Boston, MA
Relevant courses:
American College of Thessaloniki Fall 2013 Program Thessaloniki, Greece

Personal Projects

Creativity With Color Company Website
Check it out

Creativity With Color is a company that hosts and organizes paint events, where people of any skill level can go for a fun night out with family or friends, and learn how to paint through step by step instructions. This website has all of the information about the company, has a calendar page where customers can sign up and pay online for events, and also gives the option for customers to request their own private parties.
The website uses jQuery to help with scripting and rendering, uses Stripe.js to handle online payments, and uses Firebase for database storage and as a server (Node.js).
Javascript, HTML, CSS

Endless Adventure Web Application
Try it out Source code on GitHub

Endless Adventure is a web application that allows you to keep track of places that you've traveled to. With the use of an interactive map, you can quickly add countries and states visited, and watch as your statistics automatically update. Also includes the capability to create an account, save your progress, and compare against friends.
The app demonstrates data vizualization skills through the use of D3.js and jQuery. The user account system is assisted by Firebase.
Javascript, HTML, CSS

KWOC Manager Web Application
Try it out Source code on GitHub

KWOC Manager is a web application that serves as a web content manager for (see below). The app allows the editing of images for certain sections of the website. This includes changing the ordering, modifying the titles, and adjusting the size, of these images. It also includes the ability to upload new pictures or delete old ones. Once saved (password necessary), the changes are automatically updated on It allows users with no coding experience to manage all content on the site, and for the site to update by itself without ever needing new code.
The app uses AngularJS and jQuery to modify and render all images and data, and uses Node.js for server side functionality.
Javascript, HTML, CSS

Kristen's World Of Color Web Site
Check it out Source code on GitHub

Kristen's World Of Color is a website created for Kristen Vincelette's art work. The website consists of a Gallery section to show off all of her art pieces, a Shop section where paintings can be purchased, and various other information about the artist.
The website uses AngularJS for easy rendering of all gallery images, pulls data from KWOC Manager (see app above) using jQuery, and is responsive thanks to Bootstrap.
Javascript, HTML, CSS

Class Projects

Capstone - Crowd Control

All in one solution to keep track of how busy public locations are. Involves an inexpensive system (composed of RaspberryPi and PIR sensors), that determines when people are entering/exiting a location. This data is then transmitted wirelessly to a database through a server. Users can then use a web application to see real time counts for a location, as well as the location's trend analysis for busy days and times.
Personal role in project focused on full stack development of the web application.
Node.js, Express, React

MIDI Music Player Source code on GitHub

Program that plays music while showing the notes in a GUI. The notes are read from a text file and the GUI allows users to play, pause, restart, and add/delete notes. The program demonstrates Object Oriented Design techniques and the Model View Controller design pattern.

Maze Solver/Game Source code on GitHub

Program that creates a random maze by using Kruskal's alogorithm. The maze can be solved automatically through a Breadth First Search or a Depth First Search, by clicking 'b' or 'd' on the keyboard. Alternatively, the user can beat the maze by themselves by using the arrow keys to get to the end. Pressing 'r' on the keyboard will generate a new random maze.

Sudoku Solver Source code on GitHub

Program that uses a recursive algorithm to solve Sudoku puzzles. In order to greatly reduce the time it takes to solve each puzzle, the program picks the cell with the least number of possibilities each time. It reads in the puzzles from a text file, and prints out the solutions and the number of recursions it took to solve.